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Personal Information Managers (or PIM) are softwares designed to help managing personnal informations such as address book, calendar, to-do list, etc... .

Novell Evolution is a PIM working under linux. It allows to manage:

It can be downloaded at the following url:
Novell Evolution is under the GPL.

Moreover, synchronization of evolution's PIM (Personal information manager) datas with other devices is possible.
The evolution's documentation, which is available on their website, explains how to synchronize evolution's data with a Palm OS. But by default, the application do not seem to be able to syncrhonize with other devices, or with backup files.

Mutisync is another project, whose aim is to allow synchronization of data between as much devices as possible. But at this moment I couldn't get Multisync working to backup my PIM datas. It seems that this application is no more supported.
The developpers have moved to the OpenSync project (debian packages issued from the opensync project are *opensync*, multisync-tool, multtisync0.90).

On the debian etch distribution, not all packages are working:


Here is the list of Opensync available conversions:
$ msynctool --listplugins
Available plugins:

A plugin that would be nice for Opensync, is an HTML writer.

Links to related pages: (now obsolete)
MultiSync is a GNOME program that aims to synchronize any two devices and programs with respect PIM's data. It has now become obsolete, since the developpers are now working on the successor of multisync which is opensync
OpenSync is a synchronization framework that is platform and distribution independent. It consists of a powerful sync-engine and several plugins that can be used to connect to devices.

An interesting archived mail of a the evolution mailing list: