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Linux environment configuration on a gnome desktop

When using the gnome window manager, the environment variables should be set up in the .gnomerc file. The ~/.gnomerc file is loaded by gnome when it starts. It allows variables to be accessible directly by applications launched by gnome. For example, adding the jre1.5/bin path to the PATH environment variable allow java applications to use the 1.5 version of the java machine.

# User specific environment variables
# Java related stuffs
export JAVA_HOME=~/jre1.5

On the other hand, aliases are specific to terminals. So they should be set whenever a shell is started. Interactive shell (which aren't login shells) only read the .bashrc file. This file can then source a .bash_aliases file where all custom aliases should be set.

# User specific aliases
alias emacs='emacs -bg black -fg grey'

See the bash manual for informations concerning the bash shell startup.